Permaglass FRP Bore Casing and Pump Column are high quality Fibreglass Pipes which are used in Australian (and overseas) bore installations for over 25 years.

Permaglass FRP Bore Casing is a corrosion resistant, lightweight, and extremely strong material for lining groundwater bores, and will outlast any other material in corrosive and warm water conditions. In addition to the corrosion resistance, Permaglass Bore Casing had high external collapse ratings, making it suitable for very deep installations (past 600 metres).

Cost the service life (Permaglass BORE CASING still in service now after 25 years), and installation benefits against Stainless Steel, Galvanised Steel, ABS, PVC, etc, and Permaglass is the perfect choice for aggressive bores.

SLOTTED Permaglass FRP BORE casing is readily available, with precision machined slots evenly distributed over the length, Variable open areas are available, ranging from 0-4% open area.

Like Permaglass FRP BORE CASING, Permaglass FRP PUMP COLUMN is corrosive resistant, lightweight, and extremely strong.

Permaglass FRP PUMP COLUMN is a rigid rising main suitable for submersible pump installations. It will not corrode like steel, and is very quick and easy to install. Permaglass FRP PUMP COLUMN is suitable for pump settings down to 150 metres, (more in some instances, see Technical Data), Please check the maximum weights to select the suitability of Permaglass FRP PUMP COLUMN to your application. Flanged, threaded or plain Stainless Steel top, and bottom pipes are available – made to any length.

For more information on Permaglass, please download their pdf documents: Brochure | Installation guide